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Restaurant Review: Bar-B-Que House

Since watching BBQ Pitmasters on Thursday night, I’ve been in the mood for some BBQ.  While our BBQ endevors over the summer produced some yummie BBQ, I wanted something quick and easy – I wanted to go out for BBQ.  The Washington DC metro area does have a couple BBQ joints, but they’re not all great and some are also quite a drive from our home in Silver Spring, MD.  However, after doing some searching on the Internet, I came across Bar-B-Que House in Laurel, MD, and it turned out to be a good choice.

Bar-B-Que House is located in a small unassuming building off Route 1, with about a dozen tables and a walk up counter for placing orders.  It’s a casual place who’s owners are friendly and welcoming; its the kind of place where you give em a quarter for a refill – on the honor system since its fill your own.  After sizing up the menu on the wall, Val ordered a pulled pork platter, with coleslaw, french fries w/ old bay, corn bread, and a coke.  I ordered a beef platter, with baked beans, french fries w/ old bay, corn bread, and a root beer.  After paying and filling our drinks, we grabbed a table in the dining room, noticing our fellow diners were a biker reading the Washington Post and two guys sitting at another table.  I think Bar-B-Que House might be the kind of place that does most of its business at lunch; they have a few daily lunch special on the menu.  Our food was ready in a few minutes.  Emm, BBQ craving fulfilled!  I put their Hot BBQ sauce on everything, including the beans.  Everything was yummie, and the BBQ sauce gave it a bit of a kick; good hearty Q.  We’ll certainly be back in the future – maybe for lunch.

Now maybe we should do a tour of all the BBQ joints in DC.  In the name of reviewing them of course, not so I can eat lots more BBQ :)


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